„Only the best“

Only the best is our guiding principle when it comes to our own farm products. We are members in the South Tyrolean bacon programme since 2005 and guarantee genuine farmhouse bacon. With a lot of love and time we produce all our products in the traditional way at the farm. Every product enjoys our highest attention. We attach great importance to natural spices and smoking agents. We love our bacon and maybe he loves us too?


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100% Stampferhof


Our Speck is original, harmonious and tasty. The juniper gives the bacon its typical taste during the smoking process. Did you know that there are different parts and therefore different names for Speck? In addition to the classic Speck, there is also belly Speck, shoulder Speck and loin Speck. Do you want to know the difference? Just ask Vroni.

Kaminwurzen and Salami

The special thing about our Kaminwurzen and Salamis: we only use pork meat. This makes the sausages more full-bodied in taste. In the ripening cellar our Kaminwurzen and salamis get their special spice. The traditional recipe and air drying give it that special touch!


A juicy bratwurst (Salsiccia) is a must especially in summer when grilling. We produce these fresh every week in summer.


Coppa is the neck of the pig. Like the bacon, the coppa is salted, smoked and then air-dried.


The traditional Hauswurst (boiled Salsiccia) is best enjoyed in combination with sauerkraut. Especially during the Törggele time, such a one cannot be missing.

Pork Meat

In order to guarantee the best quality of our pork, we cut it up directly after slaughtering on our own farm. On request we also sell the fresh meat.

and this is how we produce

Since 2005 we have been members in the South Tyrolean bacon programme, which guarantees genuine farmhouse bacon. Not only the piglets must be born in South Tyrol, but also the sows. Under certain criteria all animals are kept and fed. In 2016, we built new processing and maturing rooms, and now produce bacon and various sausages in the traditional way on the farm.


The piglets, which come exclusively from South Tyrol, enjoy their free life with lots of fresh mountain air and exercise at the Stampferhof farm. The meat quality is mainly given by feeding hay and specially selected cereals.


After slaughter, the pigs are professionally cut up by Patrick. Special attention is paid to the quality and tenderness of the meat.


With natural spices and a lot of love the parts of Vroni are cured according to the traditional recipe.


With little smoke and lots of air, the almost finished farm products are smoked with freshly picked junipers and beech wood.


To allow the aroma to develop fully, we give our products plenty of time to mature before we can enjoy the end product.

The entrance to the bacon paradise

You will find all products in our farm shop. We are also happy to take orders by telephone.


By appointment:
Vroni: +39 340 476 2169
Patrick: +39 347 700 6418