Farm and family

Our farm, newly built in 1995, is situated on a sunny slope at 1100 m above sea level, on the border of the nature park Schlern Rosengarten. Pigs, calves, rabbits, cats and our dog Charly also enjoy the nature at the Stampferhof.

Also 2 holiday apartments are part of our farm, comfortably furnished and well equipped. Enjoy to wake up every morning with sunbeams. While your children can experience the adventure of our farm, relax on our sunny lawn.

We, the family Stampfer, welcome you.

„Many ideas, a common goal!“


Born in 1969, head of the house, works outward, handlebars and thinkers, loves to manage and has a lot of new ideas.


Born in 1967, boss of the house, enjoys hiking with guests, throws the yard, is a farmer with heart and soul, creates the great farm products.

Female farmer of the Year:

In 2014 Vroni became the „female farmer oft he Year“, an award organized by the local (South Tyrol) farmer-organization. A short movie has been produced, which show some insights about her life as farmer.


Born in 1988, the man for all cases, responsible for all repairs and whenever a man is needed. hard shell - soft core.


Born in 1997, hotel specialist, likes to drive, helps whenever a woman is required, responsible for the marketing part.


Born in 1999, logistician, always in a good mood, likes to play football, helps whenever it is needed, „What is there to eat today? “ - Connoisseurs